Lighting Solutions

Lighting Solutions

Lighting is very important for any home or business to function. At CPD Electrical we can offer different solutions for your lighting needs for your home and business:

  • Interior Lighting
  • Outdoor Decorative Lighting
  • Outdoor Security Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Dimmable Lighting
  • Re-lamping Service
  • Light Fitting Cleaning

Interior Lighting 

Whether you are looking to simply replace an existing light fitting or re design lighting for a room we can help with the whole process.

Outdoor Decorative & Security Lighting

We can design decorative and functional lighting for your outdoor spaces, so if you want lighting that comes on automatically or lights on a sensor we can help.

LED Lighting

Brighter and Cheaper to run are just a few advantages of using LED lighting and lamps. We can help you choose the correct lamps to replace old ones for any situation.

Dimmable Lighting

In some situations you may wish to dim lighting. It may be that simply installing a dimmer is one solution or it may be changing lamps and a dimmer. Please contact us for a site survey to discuss your requirements.

Re-Lamping Service

Mainly a solution for business premises. We can provide a service to maintain lighting within your premises and provide you with an easy solution to order lamps and have us install them.

Light Fitting Cleaning

Over time light fittings can collect dust and insects which can leave lights looking unsightly and can also cause lights to overheat, we provide a light fitting cleaning service where we can dismantle light fittings and clean and service your lights.

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COVID-19 Update - January 2021

We would like to reassure our customers that we are now fully open and carrying out works following the COVID Secure guidelines. We will closely monitor government advice and take all precautions to allow us to carry out working safely. We are still available on the phone if you wish to call and discuss jobs or issues with us. 01353 373014

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