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Emergency Lighting is a legal requirement in all premises where people are employed. It is a mandatory requirement to comply with:

The emergency lighting system installed in your premises requires to be inspected and tested at the following intervals:

  • Daily*
  • Monthly*
  • 6 Monthly (1 hour test)
  • Annual (3 hour test)

*Carried out by your own designated personnel

We offer the inspection and testing for the 6 monthly and annual periods. This test is carried out for the full rated duration of your emergency lighting, normally 3 hours. During this test we ensure the correct operation of the emergency lighting system, the correct location of the fittings and the correct signage is in place.

We are able to supply fully customised emergency lighting logbooks to suit your requirements, contact us for further details. We can also supply extra or missing test switch keys.

The prices below are only a guide, please contact us and we will be happy to advise on your individual requirements.

6 monthly Test (1 hour duration)From £50.00
Annual Test (3 hour duration)From £120.00

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